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You won’t have to register with merseyflow but registering is the only way to get cheaper journeys across the river in Halton.

Anyone, whatever type of vehicle they drive, can save up to 10% on the standard toll by registering for a pre-pay sticker account and paying a £5 one-off fee for each vehicle they register.

Pre-pay sticker accounts can be set up so they are automatically topped up from your bank account in advance – ensuring you never forget to pay.

You’ll also be able to register more than one vehicle to your account, so if you’re running a business with lots of vehicles it will be easier to keep track of your total activity levels and costs. You will need to pay a £5 fee for each vehicle you register.

Why should I register?

Registration has a number of benefits.

business users

You will be able to drive over the bridges in Halton without registering but by doing this you will have to pay the full unregistered toll cost for each journey you make across either the new bridge or the Silver Jubilee Bridge. You can only access discounts by registering with merseyflow.

Take a look at our animated guide for pre-pay accounts to see what you need to do to register and get the best deal that suits you.

Driving a car or a small van?

If you are driving a car or a small van for business purposes then there are two options that might suit you.

Pre-pay or monthly pass?

Our pre-pay accounts will work in a similar way to a ‘pay-as-you-go’ mobile phone contract. Registered users will pre-pay £30 into their account and this money will be used to pay for your crossings.

You can read more about our monthly pass options here.

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The costs for different types of vehicles are:

Type of vehicle

payment method class 1_vehicles class 2_vehicles class 3_vehicles class 4_vehicles discount on toll comment







Discount for
sticker and registration.







For those
users who register, but do not want a sticker

Unregistered toll (ie with no discount)






“Pay by
plate” unregistered users pay this toll.

How do I register?

The easiest way to register will be online at this website but when registration opens this summer there will also be a local walk-in centre and a team available by phone to answer queries about the registration and payment process.

You will need to register with merseyflow and just select the ‘pre-pay’ option and follow the instructions. You will need to pay a £5 one-off registration fee for each vehicle you register.

We’ll check your details and once we’re happy we’ll send you your special merseyflow sticker to go on the windscreen of your vehicle, or, if you’ve decided you want the video-registered option and just get a 5% discount on the unregistered toll, we’ll add your vehicle to our database of registered vehicles.

Want to know more?

If you live outside Halton and we haven’t been able to answer all your questions here than please read our FAQ section specifically for business users for more information.