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If you are an eligible Halton resident you can cross both bridges for free once you have successfully registered with merseyflow and paid a £10 annual administration fee.

  • The vast majority of Halton residents will be eligible.
  • Only cars and small vans used for personal use only are eligible for the discount scheme.
  • Any trips made for business must be declared and paid for. Taxis and driving instructors vehicles, when used commercially, do not qualify for free crossings.
  • Each qualifying resident will only be able to register one vehicle on the discount scheme. Where there are several qualifying residents all living at the same address e.g. parents with grown-up children who have their own car, each one of them will be able to register a vehicle.

Take a look at our animated guide for Halton residents to see how registration will work.

How do I register?

You can register for an account on this website from summer 2017.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this site, sign up to our e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date.

Once you’ve submitted your registration application this summer and paid the £10 annual administration fee, we’ll check the details and when we’re happy we’ll send you your merseyflow sticker to go on your car windscreen.

Halton resident

Once it is fitted you will be able to cross both bridges as many times as you like for free for 12 months.

You will need to re-register every year, provide documents to prove you are still eligible for the scheme and pay a £10 annual administration fee.

What documents do I need to register?

You will need to send us photos or scanned versions of your driving licence, your council tax bill and your vehicle registration document (the red and green V5C form) to prove you are eligible.

Halton resident

Why do Halton residents need to register?

If you don’t register you will have to pay the full unregistered toll fee each time to use the Mersey Gateway or Silver Jubilee Bridge, and you could even get a penalty charge of £60 if you fail to pay the toll on time.

Halton resident

The small print below gives you the finer details.

To qualify you must be able to provide evidence that you meet all three criteria below:

  1. either: (a) be registered with Halton Borough Council as living in a property in Halton with a Council Tax Band of A, B, C, D, E or F; or (b) be registered with Halton Borough Council as living in a property in Halton with a Council Tax Band of G and H and successfully apply to the council to be included in the Halton residents’ discount scheme as a result of economic hardship* or other special circumstances.
  2. be the holder of a valid and current UK drivers licence and be driving a car or a small van** (motorbikes travel for free).
  3. be the registered keeper according to the DVLA of a vehicle registered in Halton. Equivalent proof that you are the keeper of the vehicle on an exclusive basis will be required for vehicles that are leased or company cars.

*If you are a Halton resident who is not eligible for the discount scheme you may qualify for help through Halton Council’s special economic hardship fund.

**A small van is a van that weighs less than 3.5 tonnes. Please see our tolling costs table for a more detailed breakdown of vehicle classes.

Does the local user discount scheme apply to taxis or driving instructors’ vehicles?

Yes – if taxi drivers or driving instructors who meet the other criteria for the local user discount scheme are using their vehicles for private journeys then they can register for the scheme for private journeys only. All commercial trips across the river undertaken by either taxi drivers or driving instructors registered with the local user discount scheme must be declared and paid for.

If you’re a Halton resident and we haven’t been able to answer all your questions here than please read our FAQ section specifically for Halton residents for more information.