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You won’t have to register with merseyflow but registering is the only way to get cheaper journeys across the river in Halton.

The unregistered toll rate will be £2 per one-way trip for a car or a small van, but if you live outside Halton you can register with merseyflow and choose one of two different options to reduce the cost of tolls.

You will be able to drive over the bridges in Halton without registering but by doing this you will have to pay the full unregistered toll cost for each journey you make across either the new bridge or the Silver Jubilee Bridge. You can only access discounts by registering with merseyflow.

Take a look at our animated guide for pre-pay accounts to see what you need to do to register and get the best deal that suits you.

How do I register?

You can register for a merseyflow account on this website from summer 2017. Keep an eye on this site or sign up to our e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date.

Why should I register?

Registration has a number of benefits.

non-Halton resident

What’s the best money-saving option for people living outside Halton?

This depends on how much you cross the river. Regular users of all types of vehicles including taxis, HGVs and coaches, can save 10% on each trip by registering for a pre-pay merseyflow sticker account.

If you drive a car or a small van and use the bridges very frequently you might find it best to buy a monthly pass.

Registering for a pre-pay account

The easiest way to register will be online at this website but when registration opens this summer there will also be a local walk-in centre and a team available by phone to answer queries about the registration and payment process.

You will need to register with merseyflow and just select the ‘pre-pay’ option and follow the instructions. You will need to pay a £5 one-off registration fee for each vehicle you register, whether you register for a sticker or video account.

We’ll check your details and once we’re happy we’ll send you your special merseyflow sticker to go on the windscreen of your vehicle, or, if you’ve decided you want the video-registered option and just get a 5% discount on the unregistered toll, we’ll add your vehicle to our database of registered vehicles.

What happens if I don’t register?

If you don’t register you will have to pay the full unregistered toll – £2 per one way trip – every time you cross the river.

You will have to pay by midnight the day after you cross the bridge or you will be issued with a penalty notice of up to £60.

So, for example, if you crossed the bridge on a Monday morning you would have until 11.59pm on Tuesday night to pay the toll fee.

Want to know more?

If you live outside Halton and we haven’t been able to answer all your questions here than please read our FAQ section specifically for people who live outside Halton for more information.