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Quicker, easier and more reliable journeys

That’s what the new bridge and merseyflow’s state-of-the-art free-flow tolling system will mean for people travelling across the Mersey.

Everyone, wherever you live, and whatever type of vehicle you drive, can save 10% on the cost of every journey by registering for a pre-pay merseyflow sticker account.

You will be able to drive over both bridges without registering but by doing this you will have to pay the full unregistered toll cost for each journey you make. You can only access discounts by registering with merseyflow.

You will have to pay £5 to register, so if you only plan on using the bridges once or twice in your life it probably isn’t worth it – you just need to remember to pay before midnight the day after you travel or you will be fined up to £60.

If you are an eligible Halton resident or a Blue Badge holder you can register for free trips across the river in Halton. If you don’t register, you won’t get the free trips and will have to pay the full unregistered toll fee.