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How much will it cost to cross the bridges?

The costs for crossing the two bridges vary for different types of vehicles, and there are various special discount packages available and several ways to reduce your journey cost.

  • Eligible Halton residents can cross both bridges for free once they have successfully registered and paid a £10 annual administration fee
  • Blue Badge holders can cross both bridges for free once they have successfully registered and paid a £5 one-off registration fee
  • Anyone, wherever they live, can save up to 10% on the unregistered toll by registering for a pre-pay sticker account and paying a £5 one-off fee
  • Anyone who drives a car or a small van can cap their costs by buying an ‘unlimited travel’ or ‘off-peak’ monthly pass

You will be able to drive over both bridges without registering but by doing this you will have to pay the full unregistered toll cost for each journey you make. You can only access discounts by registering with merseyflow.

People driving military, emergency service vehicles or motorcycles will not have to pay to cross the bridges.

Local bus services will not have to pay a toll to cross the Silver Jubilee Bridge, and whilst the Silver Jubilee Bridge is closed for up to 12 months for refurbishment from autumn 2017 local buses will be able to travel for free across the new Mersey Gateway Bridge.

Type of vehicle

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Discount for
sticker and registration.







For those
users who register, but do not want a sticker

Unregistered toll (ie with no discount)






“Pay by
plate” unregistered users pay this toll.


toll charges