Pay for a crossing


Here you can pay in advance for your crossing or by 11.59pm the day after your crossing.

Rental/Hire Vehicle: If you are travelling in a rental/hire vehicle, please contact us on 01928 878 878 to make a payment, click here for more details.

  Pay for your crossing

If you don't pay by midnight the day after you cross you will receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

You are required to make a payment to cross both the Mersey Gateway Bridge and the Silver Jubilee Bridge once reopened. To assist understanding of this requirement, the payment is generally described as a toll though use of this word has no wider legal implication. The payment is actually a charge made under a Road User Charging Scheme Order. A full definition of the word toll in the context of use of the bridges may be found in our terms and conditions.

Please note:  charges are for a one way crossing and are applicable each way.

Other ways to pay

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