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Select the number of crossings you wish to pay for and enter an email address where we will send your payment receipt.

Terms and Conditions

  • This payment will cover crossings made on a previous day which is still within the allowed payment period, today or crossings up to 12 months in advance if a balance remains after earlier crossings have been paid for.
  • Payment method details are not recorded.
  • You confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle that this payment relates to and/or have the permission of the vehicle owner(s) to pay for crossings and receive information about the vehicle and its crossings.
  • The vehicle registration number entered has been checked to ensure it is correct.
  • If you are making a crossing in a hire car this crossing must be paid for via our Call Centre or Walk-In Centre.


Payment Result

You have successfully made a payment for {{State.NoOfTrans}} crossings for vehicle {{State.Vehicle.LicPlateNo}}.

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